We are Chicago CTOs.

The Chicago CTO Group a private network of software executives based in Chicago who exchange ideas, share experiences, help each other, and to help the Chicago technology community stay one of the top technology hubs in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions
Chicago CTOs value collaboration, among other things.


Our values represent the principles we use to guide our strategy and activities in pursuit of our mission. Our members are committed to upholding these values in the group and within their professional pursuits.

  • Collaboration
    We strive for regular and engaged group participation, rooted in candid and confidential feedback and interactions.
  • Community-Oriented Outreach
    We contribute our time and/or financial investments to outside groups aligned with our mission and those who increase the vitality of the Chicago technical community.
  • Code of Conduct
    We support inclusivity and require respectful interactions within and outside of the group. Each member is responsible for abiding by our Code of Conduct.
  • A “make the pie bigger” Mentality
    We believe business is not a zero sum game. By helping to grow executive leadership in Chicago, more opportunities will be created. We recognize that organizations may manage confidential information, however, many professional activities and challenges are correlated and we encourage feedback and knowledge share, whenever possible, in an intent to foster the growth of the Chicago technology scene.